The beauty of landscape lighting

  • We use excellent lighting products from FX Luminaire, Cast, WAC, Alliance, and others.
  • Added safety by replacing glaring security lights with glare free subtle illumination. Lights are positioned to direct low levels of lighting in all critical areas to assure safe movement throughout the property.
  • We position the lights around decks, patios, stairs, pool areas and walkways to provide just the right amount of soft lighting to create warm and inviting ambience.
  • Low voltage LED lighting systems consume only a very small fraction of energy compared to 120 volt lighting.

Subtle and Efficient.

The operation costs of low voltage lighting systems are extremely low, all of our systems use astronomical timers to control their operation.

Seasonal maintenance.

Heavy snow and cold conditions may have shifted fixtures and leaves and debris from the Fall may have clouded the lenses of the lighting. Our technicians will visit your property in the Spring to ensure the system is still working at its best.

These visits include:

  • Setting timers
  • Testing all fixtures and bulbs
  • Bulb or fixture replacement
  • Fixture repositioning
  • Wire burying

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