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DSC_1195_editMaintenance and service are a large part of our business – it is our desire that your irrigation or landscape lighting systems be running their best all the time. Our service department will provide quick, efficient and friendly service to ensure all your needs are taken care of.

Aquatech can service all makes and models of any irrigation type, even if we didn’t install it – and no matter how long the system has been in place. From simple systems to large scale residential or commercial maintenance requirements – we are qualified and equipped to perform all your seasonal needs and can complete system overhauls or additions.

Irrigation systems require seasonal maintenance operations:

Start-Up Visit: Each spring your system will need to be refilled, tested, adjusted (to ensure all rotors, mist heads and other elements are still effectively watering) and to adjust the controller’s programing for the season.

Service/Mid-season Visit(s):On a system that is operating properly generally a mid-season visit is not necessary. However, should you encounter a problem, should an irrigation head break or malfunction, if you add gardens or landscape and need to expand your system, or if plant growth has inhibited watering our service team will visit to adjust and bring the system back to being fully operational.

Shut-Down Visit: In the Fall, before the frost hits your irrigation system will need to be shut down. All the water will be blown out of each of the irrigation lines and the system protected from freezing, shifting or damage due to our cold Canadian winters. Clocks, controllers and pumps will be turned off for the fall and winter months.

Low-voltage lighting systems require seasonal maintenance operations:

Start-Up Visit: Our technicians will visit your property in the Spring to ensure the system is still working at its best following the winter season these visits involve setting timers, testing all fixtures and bulbs, bulb or fixture replacement, fixture aiming, wire burying, fixture straightening. Heavy snow and cold conditions may have shifted fixtures and leaves and debris from the fall may have clouded the lenses of the lighting – this visit is usually done simultaneously with an irrigation start-up visit.

Our lighting systems use simple technology and generally take care of themselves; you may want to adjust your timers for spring and fall time changes which are usually a simple adjustments you can make yourself. Most lighting systems stay on year-round, however systems at seasonal properties may be shut down for the winter.

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